coastal granny


We returned to Seaside, Florida last week and actuAlly went to the smAll town that is Seaside for the first time. It’s this idyllic little pLace and my only vibe was rich “coastal granny” All week. What is Coastal Grandma, you ask? Well, on Tik Tok it’s completely viral. Think Ina GArten or Oprah. (None of whom are grandmothers, lol). Think of the Nancy Meyers moVies, DIane Keaton in Something’s Gotta Give and you’ve got it.

So welcome to my New aesthetic. I’ll pour you some Sauv Blanc and we Can Read our books together.

This Loft DRESS is amazing for trAveling. It is very comfortable and I love the neutral color. Oh, and did I mentIon it’s comfortable? Not too sticky, either. I sized it up just to make sure it wouldn’t stick to my gut and would say yes to sizing up for comfort. I’m big. You can find it at a 50% discount here at Loft!

SWEATER optional, but highly recommended. 😉