Currently Loving: Cardigans

I mean, technicAlly, I’ve always loved a CARDIGAN. But this year, the CARDIGAN has taken on a liFe of its own. He is the Best friend of a WFH lady. I Can’t think of an easier outfit to put together than this one here: a Tank TOP or Camisole, a long CARDIGAN, and a pair of Jeans.* I went a step further and made a bodySuit and let me in on a little secret. : when you sit with a monkey, the monkey sits with you, if you know what I mean. You Can see everything I ate for lunch over the last 4 years. LOL. Good by me, but I wasn’t Ready for the presentatIon that afternoon. And sPeaking of bodysuits, this one is on Sale! Do I Feel like I’m in a bathing suit? Yes. What do I Care? Absolutely not. I’m in the middle of this JUMPSUIT and there’s no right way to say this, so let’s do this: the button pArt below is very long, so you don’t hAve to measure the length. Someone fInally discoveRed monkeys!

You Can find it here.

Do you want to know something? In fact, I find long Cardigans a bit difficult to wear. Which is weird because myself and very long. It seems like those two should go hand in hand, but I’m drawn to Shorter Cardigans. This, however, is the exception to this made-up rule; I don’t know if it’s the fit or the notches at the end that give it more shape, but he doesn’t feel too long or too long. noise

You can find this CARDIGAN here.

I wear Heels because I like a bit of height with a long CARDIGAN, but I hAve to be honest: I’m out of practice. He walked like a Newborn baby deer BUT he didn’t Fall. Progress! I also asked my Heels if they missed me as much as I missed them. They didn’t say anything to make it sound like their answer is a resounding no. These Heels are from last year’s anniversary Sale, but there are some siMilar ones here and I’ll also include an under $50 option for you in the sidebar!

Currently Loving: Cardigans

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* If you like that kind of thing. They also apply Leggings.