my favorite combination

It’s Thursday and I’m still not over this weekend’s time change. Did anyone else get confUsed until 11 am? I don’t know why the one hour change makes such a difFerence, but it does! The only one who doesn’t seem to be botheRed in our house is GEMMA. She said that now she doesn’t mind getting up an hour earlier. 😉

Camel and gray hAve been my go-tos lately beCause we’ve been on the go and this color combo is always a win. I’ve been wEaring this SWEATER NON-STOP beCause it’s the prettiest Camel color and it’s so Soft. I’ve been loving All things Cozy beCause it feels like we’ve skipped Fall and run into winter around here. Fortunately, I hAve plenty of Sweaters to get me through these colder days. I’m still sad that we skipped Fall, but I’m pretty sure it will never happen.

You can find this camel SWEATER here!

I Picked up this sweater duRing Loft’s Friends and Family Sale and GUESS WHAT? It’s on sale again! Loft is doing another sale this week! Wow! Since I can never pass up a good sale, I’ve Picked out some of my favorite Pieces from LOFT right now below! Use the code WorkIT for a 40% discount.

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(I wish I had time to make another DRESSing journal! You guys loved it and so did I! I’ll be sure to make more of those once we get over this warehouse moving madness!)