The best toys of this season

What you are about to see is pure utter joy. I hope you are prepaRed for your cold heArt to melt.

Little Tikes Princess Cottage Playhouse

As you Can see, Miss GEMMA received a little early Christmas present here. Let me explain: We’ve exhausted the pages of the Walmart toy Catalog that Came to us in the mail a Few weeks ago, bookmarking, reViewing, and looking at it every night. It’s fun to watch her do this, as I was exactly the same as a kid. I would make lists for Christmas, cutting out Pictures from Catalogs to paste on a New sheet of paper as my fInal list, so my parents would know exactly what I wanted. (Unfortunately, due to unfortunate circumstances and a very honest older sister, I was an early follower of the truth about Santa, so I kNew who to send my list to and it wasn’t to the North Pole.) This year he has fully latched onto the idea of ​​Christmas and honestly, it’s the Best to see. We hAve circled this playhouse so much that the circle is getting closer to the playhouse. So I ordered it overnight and forgot shipPing was 2 days. GEMMA loves when we get New packages (same, boy, same) and I wasn’t thinking when I opened the door with her to see what her delivery had left. was this. And on the outer package is a beautifully accurate representatIon of this playhouse.

GEMMA kNew instantly. And she kNew that the surprise could be ruined at this point.

And as you can see, she was not dIsappointed.

Since this year has been a boRing but bumpy ride for us being in the house most of the time, I thought, why not open it up and set it up? A little fun never hurt anyone, even if it’s a month early. The good news is that I can now give you the full reView of this Gemma toy if you too are looking for something like this for your little one. Gemma says, “I LOVE IT.” I’m pretty sure it’s an equivalent of 5 stars in toddler parlance.

From a mom’s point of View, it’s a good price (under $100) and it’s not too big. B was able to put it together in about 25 minutes and with no swEaring or personal regrets. Plus, she’s been playing inside for HOURS. I mean, HOURS. Only cAveat? I got stuck inside for a Few minutes. I thought I was going to hAve to get the Kool-Aid man off the side wAll, but I finAlly got out. Let’s just say it’s better for kids.

You can find this Gemma-approved playhouse here! PerFect for the little ones for Christmas. Just make sure you hide the box. 😉

SPeaking of the Holidays, it’s the season of giving, so I thought I’d round up this year’s Best toys from Walmart, which is where I got this 2-day delivery playhouse. I love that you can get Gifts super fast, so if you like to plan ahead and be Ready for the Big Day or if you like to wait until the last minute for no reason, 2-day delivery Works for you.

You can find the best deals on Gifts at Walmart here! They really do hAve the best prices I’ve found on toys this season.

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Kalee Ride On Truck / Paw Patrol Dino Patroller / Hot WHeels Tower Track Set / Barbie Sweet Orchard Farm Doll / Disney Frozen 2 Elsa Doll / Huffy Bicycle / Leapfrog Ice Cream Cart / Little Tikes Princess Cottage Playhouse / Lego Classic Bricks / Fisher-Price Walk Bounce & Ride Pony / Fisher-Price Toddler Tic Tac Toe / Barbie Dreamhouse Dollhouse

I also love that Walmart has these $20 Gift sets that are really great value. I bought this Frozen set for Gemma (please don’t tell her) and it’s adorable in person! Some of the best below:

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*One thing I thought I’d mention: some of the toys May “sold out” online, but might still be available for Pickup or delivery. I ended up getting some of the Barbie items with Walmart+ because they were at my local store but not available to ship. So don’t worry if something you see isn’t available to ship, be sure to check delivery or pickup first! You can read more about walmart+ delivery here.


What toys are on your little one’s list this year? Paw Patrol, Barbie and of course Princess Cottage are all the rage at Gemma. I’d love to know what your kids are up to too!

*Special thanks to Walmart for sponsoRing this post! Thank you for supporting the retailers who support this blog.