Time-Tested Designer Accessories

Do you want to know the secret to always look chic? I’ll tell you: it’s a stylish Bag, a classic Shoe or a timeless accessory. Pair your simple outfit with a classic Bag and you will automaticAlly look refined and classic. I know it sounds simple, but the most elaborate looks involve classic Accessories and timeless Shoes. Read on for the Best timeless designer accessories from Nordstrom this Fall!

I am no stranger to designer accessories. Over the years I hAve bought a handful of designer Handbags that I hAve Carried and Carried and Carried and Carried. And every last one looks as good as the day I bought it. While it’s a gReat investment, I love having timeless Bags in my closet that are my go-to for most outfits. I Can take an everyday outfit and pair it with a high-end accessory and this Piece immediately Dresses up the rest of my outfit. I hAve learned that having a classic Piece is reAlly a gReat investment.

While most of the Pieces I wear on this blog are under $150, the one questIon I constantly get when it comes to designer items and accessories: how do you know which one to invest in? Well, I came up with the answer for you:always stay classic.

I preFer to find items that are “of the moment” but also timeless. Take these menswear-insPiRed loafers for example. Recently, I decided to buy this pair of Gucci Princetown Loafer Mules, a Shoe that I’ve looked at and put in my cArt no less than 50 times in the last few years. This year I decided to buy them as a Gift to myself for my upcoming 35th birthday. (Tip: if you hAve Nordstrom Notes, you can use them on purchases like this! I always sAve mine and use them for larger purchases!) I didn’t expect to like them as much as I did, in fact, I was going into this purchase with the head very level, almost expecting to return them upon receipt. But once I opened them up and put them on, they haven’t come off in a few days. Trends insPiRed by menswear can actuAlly be quite difficult to get right because you want them to have the influence of menswear but you want it to feel feminine and fresh. These loafers find that perfect balance and go with everything, which is exactly how I like my Shoes these days – I want them to Work hard in my closet. A nice black Flat with a classic look will do just that.

You can find this pair of loafers here!

Another timeless accessory I’ve had for a few years? My oversized Burberry checkeRed scarf. This was a purchase a while back when I wanted a classic scarf that I could wear with outfits and my Coat for years to come. And I mean in years, this scarf will be so timeless that eventually GEMMA will probably wear it. Let me tell you: I bought this scarf over two years ago and this Fall, checks and tweeds are everywhere. From Blazers to PANTS and Dresses, the plaid print is a fall staple. I like to take a trend and wear it in a way that feels accessible, in this case, a scarf can take on many colors and patterns, but when you pair it with classic pieces like a Blazer and SWEATER, the scarf does the talking. in this outfit.Accessories are a great way to take a trend without going overboard.

I chose this gray version of Burberry’s classic plaid, but the camel print is also a wonderful option. (I chose gray because I like to wear a lot of black in the winter, but both Work!) You can find this scarf here. Or in Wool version here!

Today I’m pArtneRing with Nordstrom to round up some of my favorite timeless designer accessories. These include some that I own, from these loafers to this Gucci Belt, this scarf, and this Bag. Other items I’ve had on my mind for years: this Gucci cRossbody bag or this perfect pair of black pumps. Check out all my suggestions below!

Timeless Designer Accessories

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What is your favorite accessory that instantly jazzes up an outfit?

Thanks to Nordstrom for contRibuting to this publiCation!