Lately I reAlly like comfortable Pieces. Let me rephrase that: comfortable Pieces that don’t look sloppy. BeCause let’s be honest, I reAlly like yoga PANTS and Tops and ponytails. Some mornings it’s hard to get out of my Workout clothes after going for a walk or run. But if I Can convince myself of something nice and comfortable, it makes the transitIon so much easier. These PANTS get an A+ in the “cute and comfortable” depArtment. There’s not much to talk about here, I’ll gladly put on nice Pants. Also, I like Heels, so I don’t hAve to twist my arm either. Hell, I’d wear Heels with yoga Pants if it was acceptable. (Which, by the way, was meant to ask: Is that acceptable? No…? Okay, just checking. Asking for a friend.)
I’m sure by the title “transitIons” you thought I was going to talk about DRESSing from warm weather to cold weather. No, just discussing the internal struggle of transitioning from gym clothes to acceptable work clothes. I hAve had the strange habit of DRESSing only when absolutely necessary, such as if I hAve a meeting, go out with friends, or see other human beings besides my husband. But now that the store will be open soon, I hAve to retrain my brain to remember how to Dress for work again. It seems strange to say but 6 months without going somewhere like an office or in my Case, the store, every day and I Feel like I’m out of the habit.
But no Heels with yoga pants yet, right? That seems fine to me.
SiMilar TOP in LOFT
Hunter Bell ‘Carven’ Pants (c/o Hunter Bell)
Heels Trouve
Kate Spade Wallet
Gorjana Necklace