SOKO Malindi Charm Hoop Earrings


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Designer: Soko

Soko is a San Francisco-based brand founded to empower women in Kenya to cReate modern and sustaInable Jewelry, insPiRed by architecture and traditIonal tRibal designs, creating a strong yet miNimal aesthetic. Soko’s missIon is to connect Female ArtIsan entrepreneurs with the internatIonal fashion marketpLace, helping them to build their businesses, improve their production Capacity, and sustaInably increase their incomes.

This style features removable Charms—an Organic-shaped Charm and Pearl-like drop that dangle from a thin medium-sized hoop. For a more miNimal look, slide the charms off and wear the Hoops alone.

* As this product is Handmade, each is one of a kind and May vary slightly.

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Weight 100.00 kg



Brass White

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